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Famous Explorers Colouring Books

Famous Explorers – Introduction

Human beings possess a desire to wander and a deep curiosity, probably more than any other species on the planet. It drives us to see what is over the next hill, to learn about every corner of the world and explain to ourselves why it is the way it is.

From Prehistoric times to the great age of discovering and mapping the whole world to the exploration of space, we keep pushing on into the unknown. This coloring book celebrates a few of the most famous of the explorers, though many more deserve recognition for their contribution to our knowledge of the world. Many are unsung. Some lost their lives in the search to penetrate more and more unknown regions. Most explorations were group efforts even if only the leaders are remembered.

There were countless numbers of porters, sherpas, support teams, guides and companions that made these discoveries possible but are forgotten by history. Many others blazed the trails for the leaders we remember but did not leave records or accounts, did not write books are capture images, yet made it possible for those who followed. So many people have been involved, in fact, that exploration must be considered a need and a project of our entire species.


Famous Explorers Colouring Book(Cover: Eric ” The Red” Erik Thorvaldsson )
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  1. Homo Erectus
  2. Aborigines
  3. Asians to North America
  4. Pytheas
  5. African Expansion
  6. Cheng Chien
  7. Erik the Red
  8. Leif Erikson
  9. Marco Polo
  10. Mohammed Ibn Batuta
  11. Zheng He
  12. Columbus
  13. Vasco De Gama
  14. John Cabot
  15. Amerigo Vespucci
  16. Gaspar Corte Real
  17. Ferdinand Magellan
  18. Francisco de Coronado
  19. Francis Drake
  20. Henry Hudson
  21. Abel Tasman
  22. James Cook
  23. Alexander Mackenzie
  24. Matthew Flinders
  25. Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea
  26. Jedediah Smith
  27. Burton, Speke
  28. Robert Peary
  29. Matthew Henson
  30. Robert F. Scott
  31. Roald Amundsen
  32. Richard Byrd
  33. Norgay, Hilary
  34. Jacques Cousteau
  35. Neil Armstrong
  36. Porter

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